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We are a tribe of Earth-loving people united by Spirituality, love and the support of our Community Mom and Pop spiritual shop. The Witch's Garden is a magical place where every spiritual path and religion is honored and where personal attention, non-judgment, and an atmosphere that promotes responsibility and empowerment nurtures your spirit, aiding you to grow in love and blessings. Since 2004 we've been organizing local family-oriented spiritual events ranging from large pagan festivals to spiritual discussion groups and we have a strong commitment towards our community to continue these efforts. Welcome and Blessings. Marizel and Armando, owners at The Witch's Garden.

Meet Gil Shwartz our friend & mentor. He has donated over 500 titles to our community library and has made us the exclusive distributor of his book of poems. Come on by & tap into the wonderful world of


After teaching Hatha Yoga in the Chicago area for several years, my calling led me to spend six years in India and Nepal. There I studied with masters from several traditions in spiritual awakening and healing; Hindu, Christian and Tibetan Buddhist. I also attended Benares Hindu University and received a M.A. in Comparative Religion. On returning to Chicago, I worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital doing biofeedback research exploring the approaches I'd learned in India. In the decades since then, I've had a private practice in Intuitive Spiritual Counseling (Interfaith) and Healing, called Gateways To Transformation. The approaches I use range from energy and imagery medicine to soul reading and healing, past lives, connecting with helpers or deceased, and ceremony, as prayerfully guided through my psychic and intuitive awareness. I've also taught yoga and meditation for some thirty years.

Besides classes, spiritual support groups and workshops offered privately, I've also taught at Loyola University, Mundelein College, the World Conference of Religion, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Common Ground, Visiting Nurses Associations, and mentored at the Center for Education on Death and Dying.

Some of the topics taught were: Medicine Wheel and Inner Vision Quest; Sensing the Unseen; The Sacred in the Day to Day; Healing Skills in Hospice; different forms of Meditation; Heart Work; On Being a Cosmic Human; Opening to the Divine Within; etc.

These last few years I've mostly been in retreat, though I've ministered in several blessing and initiatory ceremonies. The primary spiritual practice I use is based on a devotional and meditative Tibetan Buddhist one called Mahamudra: The Great Gesture. It calls into play many of the skills and awareness I've gained over the years in seeking, teaching and counseling to touch many aspects of my being and make the practice of awakening even more profoundly fulfilling. Check out some of the titles in our community library .

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