The Witch's Garden

A Psychic & A Healer on a Mission of helping and inspring many while uniting all worldwide

How This Garden Grew


Welcome to The Witch’s Garden, It all started in 1995 as Zelies Creations after spending a few months with a native

family in the Tenessee mountains I started this small business

which consisted of my Native-American art which I had been creating for a while along with custom herbal blends to assist people along their spiritual path. Little by little the business grew and my psychic readings became more a part of my everyday life as my own spiritual journey developed. After many travels and the sacred connection to the grounds in New Mexico I dedicated myself and envisioned my dream blossoming into a mystical oasis where people are exposed to the beauty of spirituality and the power of Earth Magik.Icontinued to work full time at a small metaphysical shop on Lincoln Road in Miami beach (The Ninth Chakra)and knowing that soon Zelies Creations would be born and in a short period would consist of much more than my dreamcatchers.In 2001 I met the love of my life, Armando, he loved and shared my dream,we married and started planning for our daughter Zelie ( Zelaida Rain) to join us.When we became pregnant I knew that with the birth of Zelie my dream would come to be and so it did. The Universe blessed us and here we are, The Witch’s Garden Since our journey as The Witch’s Garden began we have been blessed again with our second daughter Zariela Moon to count on as another cornerstone to our sacred circle and indeed her energy has infused our garden with endless possibilities for growth and prosperity. My dreamcatchers are still created by me under the Zelies Creations trademark but we have expanded to import mystical treasures from around the world and magical creations made within our family circle infused with spiritual meaning for people from all walks of life to share in the magic of Mother Earth. On the full moon of January of 2010 we signed a lease and the community witch shop was manifested and opened for business on February 13th.Even though we are in a small space within an office building we know this is a great stepping stone for what is to come along our journey. This dream became a reality thanks' to the support of our family, friends, our wonderful clients who have supported and believed in us along the way and off course our best friends Michelle and Vicky who’s love and pep-talk gave me the push I needed to finally take a chance and do it!!!So with that said, please take time to view our site and give us your opinion in our guestbook. We would greatly appreciate it. My dreamcatchers are still created by me under the Zelies Creations trademark but we have expanded to import  treasures from around the world and our very own handcrafted magical creations which include a Magickal Essences Bath & Body Line, 10 step Ritual Kits, Spell Blends, Smudging & Healing Wands, Custom Altars & much more 

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