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Colors can play a roll in visualizing our intent for each candle spell. This list of candle colors and their magical purposes is from the book 'Earth, Air, Fire & Water' by Scott Cunningham. I'm ever grateful to Scott for all the writing, ritual, & teachings he created and shared with the Wiccan/Pagan/Earth Based community during his lifetime. I have also added intentions that have used for some colors.

Use these color recommendations as a guide, but by all means, go with your intuition for the most powerful color choice when creating your unique ritual or spell.

Essential oils can also be used when creating a ritual or using candles to invoke specific energies. They can be rubbed on the candle to release their fragrances when the candle is burned. A drop of oil can be placed on the top of the candle and it will release its fragrance when the candle is lit. Also oils can be mixed with water and burned in a separate container as part of the ritual. For example, cinnamon can be used for love rituals, lavender is used to relax or for healing. Find an aromatherapist or a good book on aromatherapy for suggestions. 


The Colors

  • RED - Maintaining health; bodily strength; physical energy; sex; passion; courage; protection, and defensive magic. This color is the element of Fire. Throughout the world, red is associated with life and death.
  • PINK - Love; friendship; compassion relaxation. Pink candles can be burned during rituals designed to improve self-love. They're ideal for weddings and for all forms of emotional union.
  • ORANGE - Attraction, energy, increasing personal physical energy. Burn to attract specific influences or objects.
  • YELLOW - Intellect; confidence; divination; communication; eloquence; travel; movement. Yellow is the color of the element of Air. Burn yellow candles during rituals designed to heighten your visualization abilities. Before studying for any purpose, program a yellow candle to stimulate your conscious mind. Light the candle and let it burn while you study. If you are in the performing arts, yellow is a great color to burn before each event.
  • GREEN - Money; prosperity; employment; fertility; healing; growth; abundance. Green is the color of the element of Earth. Burn when looking for a job or seeking a needed raise.
  • BLUE - Healing; peace; patience; psychic realm, happiness. Blue is the color of the element of Water. Blue is also used in the realm of sleep and of twilight. If you have trouble sleeping, charge a small blue candle with the visualization of yourself sleeping through the night. Burn it a few moments before you get into bed, then extinguish its flame. Blue candles can also be charged and burned to awaken the psychic mind.
  • PURPLE - Power; healing severe diseases; spirituality; meditation; religion. Purple candles can be burned to enhance all spiritual activities, to increase your magical power, and as a part of intense healing rituals, in combination with blue candles.
  • WHITE - Protection; purification; all purposes. White contains all colors. It's linked with the Moon. White candles are specifically burned during purification and protection rituals. If you're to keep but one candle on hand for magical purposes, choose a white one. Before use, charge it with personal per and it will work for all positive purposes.
  • BLACK - Banishing negativity, absorbing negativity, transition; the ending of something that is the beginning of something else. Black is the absence of color. In magic, it's also representative of outer space. Despite what you may have heard, black candles are burned for positive purposes, such as casting out baneful energies or to absorb illness and nasty habits.
  • BROWN - Burned for spells invoking animals, usually in combination with other colors. A brown candle and a red candle for animal protection; brown and blue for healing, and so on
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