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Services & Pricing
Welcome , My name is Marizel Almirall  Villaverde & I am co owner of The Witch's Garden in Hialeah,Fl and I wanted to introduce you to the latest service created and offered exclusively by me.Sessions are $55 for 30 minutes and $100  1 hour. 

From a very young age I have been spiritually open and throughout my life I walk in balance with one foot here and the other in the spirit realm. With the help of my spirit guides and my mother Olga Villaverde who crossed over August 13th 2011 I have created my latest project called Psychic Therapy. My whole life revolves around my family, my spirituality and my business and through this I have helped many in the community and continue on a journey to help those in need through Psychic Readings, Spiritual Consultations, Custom Ritual Kits and more. I am a nurturer and I bring all who need guidance under my wing until they are ready to take flight on there own. I believe in the synchronicity of the universe and if you are reading this and need guidance I am more than happy to help with an open heart and eternal soul.

Psychic or Psychotic This is the question?

Well lets see , From my experience as a professional psychic I have seen an enormous similarity between those who are spiritually open and a variety of mental disorders such as but not limited to anxiety, depression,psychosis,bipolar,manic depression. This is the main reason I started offering this because very often patients are only given the option of being classified in one of those categories and the only solution has been psychiatric treatment which in most cases with spiritually open minds does not provide the right results.

What is Psychic Therapy?

Like allot of our products and services this is something that I created after connecting with my higher self and the spirits that guide me. During these sessions I incorporate candle magic, chakra cleansing & spiritual counseling. We start off by determining where the blockages are and we work with the candles to release them thus leaving you empowered, grounded and renewed.

Benefits of Psychic Therapy

Benefefits of this alternative therapy include relaxation,positive attitude,vitality and overall well being. As a psychic when I tap in I am able to feel your emotions and see things that you might have left out therefore the problem could be found and the poison extracted from your mind ,body and soul through a combination of holistic health,magic & spirituality . Finally after the energetic clutter is tackled and the healing begins you are closer to enlightment and one step closer to your higher self .
Welcome, My name is Armando Almirall & I am co owner of The Witch's Garden. I am a musician and a witch doctor. I have always felt a strong connection to nature especially growing up in Puerto Rico and spending allot of my time surfing and becoming one with the ocean. In 2001 when I met my wife Marizel spirituality made sense and I started learning and growing until I realized I had a strong connection to crow medicine and the art of healing. I am  a certified Reiki Teacher and use a very eclectic approach to energetic healing s by incorporating Reiki, Crystals,Herbs,Bells,Rattles & other spiritual & ritual tools within each session. Armand also provides Reiki 1,2,&3 certifications by appointment and creates a wide variety of healing tools that can be found within the shop or created custom for you according to your spiritual needs.

The Psychic & The Healer

Marizel is our resident psychic as well as the owner of The Witch's Garden. From a very young age she started developing her gift of healing .Marizel is clarovoyant and she is a medium. Her readings are done by grounding the energies between her and the person she is assisting as she taps directly into them and gives messages from the spirit world to help one along their journey. During each session her very own mix of herbs are placed in a vessel and given to the client as a personal amulet for protection and empowerment in the end of each session. Marizel currently offers private classes on various topics of spirituality and also does on spirit sessions where she encourages you to bring pictures of loved ones who have passed to help you in getting questions answered or give you peace of mind over a specific situation as well as empower you along your journey.Armando is a certified Reiki Teacher and co owner of The Witch's Garden. He has a very eclectic approach to energetic healing as he incorporates Reiki,Crystals,Herbs,& other spiritual & ritual tools within each session. Armando also provides Reiki 1,2,&3 certifications by appointment and creates a wide variety of healing tools that can be found within the shop or created custom for you according to your spiritual needs. Our sessions are by APPOINTMENT only and $55 each
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