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Armando Almirall Jr


Armando Almirall Jr. AKA The Witch Doctor is a Reiki Master and owner of The Witch's Garden as well as the frontman to Craft Metal Band Black Sun Prophets and genius behind Witch Doctor Productions created to unite and showcase  local talent. For over a decade he has taught private classes along with his well known  Chakra Readings ,Healings and Alignments  locally and worldwide .He makes custom ritual tools, chakra candles ,staffs ,altars and more. The Witch Doctor and all of his services are available by appointment while he currently works on writing music, sermons and a book and  continues to take on apprentices who wish to empower themselves through a series of customized workshops and exercises designed to target individual growth and overall spiritual development.

Marizel Almirall


Marizel Almirall is the owner and Psychic here at The Witch's Garden. She has been featured as top 5 Psychic by CBS Miami and has been offering Spiritual Services for over 20 years. Since childhood she has been aware of spirits and felt energies around herself and others. These gifts have always guided her to walk between worlds and become a medium channeling messages and recipes that have helped many along their path of self discovery. Marizel is available by appointment and offers psychic readings & therapy as well as custom rituals, ceremonies  and blessings worldwide. She is currently working on a series of books related to her life experiences and lessons as a Witch as well as constantly creating new  brews and potions included in their house cleansings and business blessings offered by her and husband The Witch Doctor.

Brief History Of Our Reiki School Mentor

Martha Lopez.

Martha was born on the 12th of July 1936 in Central Santa Lucia Oriente, Cuba. Martha was a natural spiritualist and was in touch with the other realms from an early age. At the age of 21, Martha came to the United States and was assimilated into the local Santeria/Palo scene but always remained opened to any and all spiritual paths having found Reiki  in 1995.

Martha had found a Reiki teacher at the local library and completed Reiki levels one and two but when she tried to go back and get the Reiki three. The teacher was gone. Martha continued to share her healing abilities with everyone. One day while Martha was doing some gardening at her house an insect bit her on the nose. After only a couple of minutes her nose and face started to swell and redden and her daughter Barbara took her to the emergency room.

Martha was quickly admitted to the hospital and began receiving treatment for what seemed like a bad allergic reaction, however the situation soon changed for the worse when the doctors said it was becoming a life or death situation as this reaction could travel up the nerves and into the brain causing massive damage. Right when Martha learned this she immediately started working Reiki on herself, as she was doing this a Filipino nurse who had just started her shift saw her and asked what she was doing.

When Martha explained, the nurse told her that she herself was a 3rd degree Reiki healer and that when her shift ended at midnight she would come by and give Martha the Reiki 3 attunement which would certainly help with her condition.


At midnight the nurse returned as agreed and proceeded to give Martha her attunement when almost immediately after Martha says that the insect crept out of her skin on the nose were apparently it had imbedded itself and fell on her lap. The swelling and irritation receded gradually during the next couple of hours and she was saved.

      Martha and Armando met around 2004 when Martha moved a couple of doors down. One day Martha was looking for her small dog which had taken off down the street and she stopped in front of our house to prey to the Buddha statue we have outside and she found the dog right away after that. Next time Martha saw us at home she came by to thank us for having the statue there and she explained what happened and we’ve been friends ever since.

  Armando received his Reiki 1 attunement from Martha in 2005, Reiki 2 in 2007 and Reiki 3 in 2010.  Since then he has been offering energy sessions to the community which work with the foundation of Reiki while at the same time embrace the essence of his own spiritual practice and beliefs thus creating a one of a kind experience for each individual during their healing session. As a healer he works hand in hand with his totem and utilizes handcrafted magical tools along with specific herbs to aide one within their journey. He begins all of his healings with a guided meditation and chakra balancing and encourages future students the freedom of following their own unique approach to any healing modality to create a sacred system that is their own.

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