The Witch's Garden

We are Twin Souls  on a Mission
 of love ,Self Expression ,Acceptance, Tolerance  & Unity Worldwide. 

Why setup shop within a building?


 After many years we decided we wanted more but the horrible economy was not in our favor so after much thought and hard work we decided our next stepping stone would be to open shop within a building since our name was so spider out and our regular clientele was abundant. We searched and searched and found this magical space which is minutes from home and was painted by a talented artist Perez Celis Well, we started the business in 2004 at the Coral Castle Psychic Fair. We mainly sold my handcrafted dream catchers, jewelry and some loose herbs. As the years went by ,we grew and got to know the spiritual community here in Dade & Broward County and slowly but surely we added more merchandise and custom creations which we had online and available at many events throughout the year. When we saw that many small businesses couldn't sell their wares due to high vendor fees or too many restrictions at local festivals ,we created our own so the community can have a place to go and artist a place to sell. Moonfaire went on for 5 years and a total of 15 shows which where all created and run by us and the girls.. Finally ,here we are, with continued growth and community always a priority ,we continue to grow and soon another change will be on the horizon which will be a bigger and better space but for now we are ecstatic and grateful for the beauty and energy of our cozy mom & pop spiritual shop The Witch’s Garden.
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