The Witch's Garden

We are Twin Souls  on a Mission
 of love ,Self Expression ,Acceptance, Tolerance  & Unity Worldwide. 

This Collection was created by Marizel & Armando Almirall of The Witch’s Garden. This family owned company sells a wide variety of magical tools from around the world and specializes in creating events for the pagan community and Witch Crafting High quality ritual tools like hand carved wands,staffs,smudging and healing items and much more by Armando and dreamcatchers,witch’s amulets,divination sets,ritual kits,herbal blends and much more by Marizel. Soul Mate Studios Collection is the first creation crafted by both in unity as one to create a magickal, balanced and powerful product that will bring the female and masculine energies equally into not only your home but also your soul. Made with love and witch crafted in a sacred manner a piece that will enchant you forever.

This Isis Mirror was designed by us and sold

for  $150 and is handcarved & painted

Custom Creation for local

Sold For$50 a Pair

These are 20inch in diameter and completely custom dersigned,carved and painted at $65 each

We also make Custom Altars out of recycled cable spools.This one is not our original design and was recreated from a Dryad Design Plaque owned by a close friend and made as a gift. An Altar this size with our own design on it created uniquely for you is $250

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